Monday, 26 April 2010

SJP pulls out of race

US horseracing fans are in turmoil today as Sarah Jessica Parker, the strong favourite for Saturday's 136th Kentucky Derby, was withdrawn from the race because of swelling in her left front leg.
Trainer Chris Evans said, “We are disappointed, SJP has won six consecutive races since August 2009 and we knew she would do well in the Derby however her last couple of gallops have not been up to par."
Why the long face, Sarah?
The stakes are high for rivals Camilla Parker Bowles and Tori Spelling who have welcomed the loss of competition.
“She’s a fine thoroughbred and has an exceptional trainer but this has given a chance for us outsiders” said Spelling who is well worth a shot at 50:1.
Meanwhile dog food giants Pedigree Chum have eagerly offered $140.76 for the hooved harlot.

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