Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Royal Mail releases Jade Goody stamps

The Royal Mail releases its Jade Goody collection of stamps to 'highlight the declining reality TV star population'.
With this year seeing the last ever Big Brother and the increase of already established Z-List celebrities entering reality TV shows, the Royal Mail presents its series of stamps that show the worrying decline of wannabes and nobodies who enlighten our lives.

Four beautiful images of Jade Goody Royal Mail stamps will go on sale next week and stamp collectors have already started camping outside local post offices in anticipation of their release.

''Great Britain is gonna like well suffer with the loss of great stars like us. Can I plug my new cologne?” said Ziggy from Big Brother 8
“Who will open our local supermarkets and tell us what to wear?” blurted Maureen from Driving School.
Royal Mail's head of special stamps, Stacy Chugnut, said “the images have been designed to inspire children everywhere to become famous for  doing absolutely nothing...

"...we are also delighted that new technology has meant the new editions taste of kebabs when you lick them. Jade would have loved them”.

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