Friday, 16 April 2010

Impersonators impersonated by celebrities

London’s top celebrity impersonation company has been rocked by the revelation that many of their impersonators are actually the stars themselves.

Hard-up celebrities have allegedly been posing as impersonators posing as themselves, and attending office parties, birthday dos and bar mitzvahs around London.

Stars under fire include the Krankies, Cherie Blair, Anne Robinson and Little Britain duo Matt Lucas and David Walliums, who are all employed by the You Looky Likey Lookalike Agency.

The practice first came to light when telecommunications company British Telecom booked a Craig David impersonator for a senior manager’s farewell party. When the impersonator reached the office, the staff knew there was a mistake.

“The impersonator didn’t look like [Craig David] at all,” said human resources manager Sharon Hickson.

“Well, he looked kind of like him, but like Craig David would if he was really down and out and a complete failure.”

It was when the impersonator began to sing the assembled staff knew something was up.

“We knew it was the real Craig David the second he opened his mouth,” Hickson said. “He couldn’t sing, he just mumbled everything and put no effort in. He looked bored and depressed, like even he knew how shit he was.”

BT staff were “gutted,” Hickson said.

“Everyone put in £2 to hear someone who could sing and that, and what we got was a shitty performance by a failed musician who can’t sing very well.”

Looky Likey Lookalike Agency spokesperson Matt Damon has strenuously denied the claims.

“All our impersonators are trained professionals,” he said. “Real celebrities are notoriously difficult to work with and we would never knowingly send one out on a job.”

Damon has promised a full audit of every impersonator on his books to ensure no genuine celebrities have managed to infiltrate the successful business.

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