Thursday, 22 April 2010

Cameron sinks like Titanic

 Last nights live televised Parliamentary debate ended up in an ugly stare off after Conservative leader David Cameron accused The Liberal Democrats of “smelling of wee” and claimed that Gordon Brown was “still a virgin”. The Labour leader replied “I know I am but what are you?” Nick Clegg branded the Conservative leader “immature!”

Then in a shock move that amazed the on looking studio audience, the Lib. Dem and Labour leaders joined forces to stare down the beleaguered Cameron in a terrifying stare off that lasted nearly 5 minutes.

After the show Sky News political editor Adam Boulton who was quizmaster general had this to say, “It was well harsh I thought Cameron was going to cry, he looked well scared! I just laughed my head off”.

The stare down reached its dramatic climax when David Cameron told the two other leaders to “grow up”. To which they laughed and told him he was “totally owned”. The debate ended with all three candidates looking sincere, claiming it to be a great victory.

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