Thursday, 22 April 2010

HRH Queen bares Tramp Stamp

The Queen proved to a gaggle of photographers last night that she wasn't too old to party. This photo, taken outside London's trendy Sketch bar shows her having a wale of a time with mates Camilla Parker-Bowles and Carol Vordeman. Our source said the three of them got matching tramp stamps on their lower backs during a girly holiday to Tenerife last month.

Queen Elizabeth, who turned 84 yesterday had a lovely meal at London's The Ivy before staggering to Sketch at midnight, "I saw her down 5 pints of Guinness and 3 Zambuccas" said Kate Moss. Onlookers said she looked like he was having a good time. "I was in the lady's and couldn't believe the f*cking Queen came in, she asked to borrow my deodorant but I said I don't care who you are no-one touches my roll-on" said Amy Winehouse.

A few moments after this was taken a journalist said "She ran off behind a taxi, pulled her jeans down, and had a wee. I'm gonna sack my photographer - the bellend ran out of f*cking film the f*cking c*@t!"

The Queen has cancelled all events today due to a Royal Hangover.

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