Friday, 9 April 2010

Nick Griffin claims Holocaust was just a Bump in the Night

BNP Leader Nick Griffin has come under scrutiny today for backing a report made by Holocaust denier Heinrich Kochhuth. The report claims new evidence proves the 'alleged' Holocaust happened as result of ‘Nazi Holiday Camps’ being built on ancient Indian burial grounds. It may sound like a plot from an 80’s horror movie but Nick Griffin said “the report is legitimate and even has a watermark”.

Holocaust Deniers, who prefer to be called Holocaust Rebuffers, claim that the Holocaust was a hoax and have welcomed the report. Griffin argues that “since there were no memorandums sent by Hitler asking for the Jews to be killed and all that, it can’t possibly have happened or even be true. I mean derrr!”

The report states that “many ancient Indian corpses were sent to Germany after the first world war because the US was running out of space. Holiday camps such as Auschwitz were then built over the sites and builders even reported paranormal activity at the time. The Jews, gays and mongs were then housed in the camps so that they didn’t have all the bother and grief with fighting the war”

Angry Scouse Ghost Botherer and Holocaust Denier Prof. Derek Acorah quoted “Ancient Indian ghosts are pretty hardcore and have been known to break pencils as well as cause human death” he went on to explain that “In Long Island, New York in 1977 a family of five were killed days after their creepy looking house was plagued by flies. Even the local murderers were scared of the house”

9/11 - Just a Bunch of Ghosts?

The report also claims that the land the Twin Towers was built on was the Tunican Indian burial site and that the disaster was a result of a strong paranormal ‘jump lead’ reflected by the recent drop in share prices at the time. Staff in the Towers also reported occasional paranormal activity. Jason Wingnut, an accounts assistant for KPMG said “sometimes my stapler would go missing and once I saw a pen move”. Other staff reported that their sandwiches went off very quickly in the North Tower but went off normally in the South Tower. Tracy Scroterott from the South Tower reported “once there was a girl trapped in a toilet cubical screaming she was afraid of the light”.

Griffin has been criticised for backing this report in order to gain votes from the anti-Semitic community. The debate continues.

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