Saturday, 17 April 2010


Quite frankly, we're all bored of the General Election and so are the MPs. 

In order to release some of the election tension the candidates' wives have released these special pictures of their gorgeous selves. 

So please feast your eyes on these beauties (and just for fun Cherie Blair joined in too).

The photos have had such positive feedback that parliament are considering releasing a calendar of 'Leader's Wives' for 2011. 

 Unfortunately some of the images are a bit revealing, but luckily Bob Carolgees' cheery face conceals any stray lady-parts.

The images feature the lovely Jackie Griffin in bondage attire. 

Miriam Clegg shows us her lovely jublees on her favourite Debenhams Duvet.

Samantha Cameron looks amazing in PVC "It's very easy to clean, you just wipe everything off with a damp sponge" she said.

Sarah Brown shows off her well groomed lady garden "Gordon loves me to get it all out in the open air" she laughed "we once did it in Tesco carpark it was well funny"

And Cherie Blair sent in one of her holiday snaps. She said: "I love my baps and I'm very proud of them".

We love them too Cherie!

Despite Gordon Brown being a bit busy n that at the moment, he did have time to comment "I've always been a fan of Reader's Wives in Razzle so was delighted that Sam(antha) agreed to get her kit off. It's just a bif of fun innit. Maybe we'll do a lads calendar for release in time for the Olympics in 2012".

We hope you get as much enjoyment out of these as we did.

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