Thursday, 7 July 2011

80% of iPad Owners Don’t Know Why They Own One.

As Apple prepares for its iPad 3 launch for Christmas 2011, a recent study shows that most iPad owners are still perplexed as to why they own one.

Charlotte Hucker, a recruitment consultant from Clapham and regular user of the iPad 2 said: “I’ve had an iPad for six months and I love it. I dunno what it does or what it’s for but I love it. It’s pink!”

Apple boss Steve Jobs promises that the iPad 3 will be even more thinner, faster and prettier than the iPad 2, and that the iPad 4 (to be launched in Summer 2012), will be even thinner, faster and prettier than the iPad 3. “The iPad 3 will make dull people think they are more intelligent, interesting and good-looking than they actually are”.

Eager iPad 2 owners have already started queuing outside the Apple Store on Regent Street ready for the pre-Christmas rush. Jeff Dromgood, a fanny magnet, from Wigan said “It’ll be just the same as my iPad 2 and slighter bigger and the same as my iPod touch but it will be more thinner, faster and prettier. I dunno what I’ll use it for but I love it! I think”.