Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Pope Condemns New Scrabble Rules

Pope Benedict XVI has come under scrutiny today for condemning new Scrabble rules as “unfair, untraditional and an insult to Christian values”.

Mattel are bringing out a new version of Scrabble with new rules in July. Mattel’s spokesperson, Zach Chiara, whose name will be worth 87 points in a triple word score under the new rules, states that the rules will undoubtedly encourage youngsters to play and has called the Pope “a pompus old fart in a silly hat”.

OMG Wht a ld ov cbblrz

Until now no proper nouns were allowed whatsoever. As well as changing this ruling, Mattel have introduced new rules to allow text chat such as “LOL” and “mt u @ da stn m8” as well as sex noises such as “hmmmmm”, “ooooaaaahh” and “phwoorrr”.

Benedict XVI has been a fan of the game since it came out in 1786 and has reported that he will no longer play the game as his hobby and will encourage all Catholics and Christians to burn their boards, favouring more traditional family games such as Kerplunck, Guitar Hero, and Grand Theft Auto.

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