Friday, 23 July 2010

Chickens strike in BNP egg row

Chickens all over Britain have refused to lay eggs in case they're wasted on a racist MP's face.

The purchasing of eggs rises in areas where BNP members are expected to visit. Eggs 'sold out' all over Westminster well before 10am yesterday as protesters expected wonky-eyed fascist and BNP leader Nick Griffin to arrive at the Queen's Garden Party.

"I spend hours squeezing out my eggs each week and I'm not having them wasted on any nazi lickers", said Henrietta from Glee Farm in Sussex. "I don't care if I explode, from now on I'm holding them in like a fart at a funeral".

Federal Union of Chickens reported that hens of all shapes and colours across the UK were clenching their egg-holes - a highly dangerous and life-threatening sacrifice. "We've never had a unanimous vote like this, these chickens are risking their lives to stop their shelled periods being lobbed at racist cunts. It's wonderful", said FUC.

Meanwhile BNP leader Nick Griffin has gone to the European Parliament in a bid to label egg boxes clearly, showing whether they were laid by black, brown or white hens. "I only want eggs from white hens thrown at me and my team", said Griffin.

As Griffin was uninvited from the Queen's Garden Party yesterday, protesters broke the world record by making the biggest ever omlette in Trafalgar Square. "If chickens won't lay, we'll use ostrich eggs", said an angry protester, "there's no way we're being beaten on this one".

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