Thursday, 16 September 2010

Pope Arrives in Scotland

Pasty-faced Glaswegians await the over-anticipated visit of Pope Benedict the 16th today. The residents of Scotland's roughest town are said to be mildly amused by the arrival of the Catholic leader and some will line the streets and probably soil themselves with apathy as the 'Pope Mobile' passes at 6 mph through the intrepid city centre.

The 'Pope Mobile'

Pope officials said Benedict was 'concerned' that the Queen asked him to enter the UK via Scotland. A Pope colleague told Gusset News: "He's had a rabies inoculation and is taking malaria tablets. He also insists on wearing a bullet-proof vest and mitre".

The Queen is planning a special Scottish feast at Edinburgh's Holyrood House for the Religious Royal. Deep fried haggis will be served from the thighs of a pre-pubescent choir boy and Tennents Special Brew will be 'on tap' from 6am.

The Pope is expected to launch his official commemorative Pope Merchandise later this afternoon.

Scotland has had to place all of its assets in the Aberdeen branch of Cash Converters in order to fund the Pope's visit.

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