Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Gutter-sleeping Amy Winehouse in double-yellow shock

A council worker has been sacked after painting double yellow lines over a drunken slag asleep in the gutter, who turned out to be singer Amy Winehouse.

A spokesman from Camden Council said “Our workers have been working around the clock to make sure people can’t park in Camden, fortunately this was the only drugged up drunk reported to be painted over”.

A pensioner saw the Rehab singer with yellow stripes across her flattened belly outside her home after the council workers freshened parking restrictions in the area. She took the picture below on her camera phone and sent it to Gusset News this morning.

She said "the worker could’ve borrowed me shovel to shift the poor drunkard, but he didn’t. It’s shocking”.

Amy Winehouse spent 4 weeks in the gutter and was said to be surprised that nothing worse had happened to her.

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