Monday, 13 September 2010

9-11 theme park plan unveiled at Ground Zero

Anti-Islam mouth frothers across America are breathing sighs of relief at the news the contraversial ground-zero mosque will not be built in New York. Instead, developers are planning to build the world's largest terror theme park on the site.

Tentatively named Terror World, the theme park will feature rides like the Twin Towers of Terror, in which thrill-seekers ride a rollercoaster down a stairwell as burning debris rains down upon them from above. The Mosque of Murder will feature actors dressed as Muslims going about their day-to-day terrorist activities and roaming suicide bombers will detonate random punters.

T-shirts will feature popular slogans like "Jihad a good time at Terror World", "See you on the Sunni Side at Terror World" and "I went to Terror World and all I got was this Shi'ite T-Shirt".

Maverick pastor Terry Jones, who had planned to burn a Koran on the ninth anniversary of the World Trade Center bombings yesterday, is calling the move 'the right decision'.

"Putting a place of peace and worship on the Ground Zero site was incredibly insensitive to all those who died. We need something that symbolises America - and what says the US of A better than a good old fashioned funfair and the greasiest burgers around?"

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