Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mouse bread pulled out of circulation

Mighty White’s new Mighty Mouse loaf has been pulled out of production after disappointingly low sales.

Mighty White had hoped its new bread, featuring a whole organic rodent in every loaf, would appeal to a wide market of children weaned on Pixar film Ratatouille and adults nostalgic for Tom and Jerry. An advertisement, which has since become a Youtube sensation, featured a group of cartoon mice munching cheese on toast and repeating the catchphrase “Get a mouse-ful of Mighty White!”
Instead, the Mighty Mouse Loaf, which went for a rustic, organic look (see picture, above) was greeted with disgust and revulsion by its consumers.

“This is the lowest of the low,” said disgusted mother-of-four Wilhelmina Williams, who bought a loaf, priced at £1.35, out of curiosity. “I was expecting Mickey Mouse but what I got was roadkill.”

“I can’t understand,” said puzzled CEO Brian Harvey. “Mice are cute, they’re furry – what’s the problem?”

The reaction has been at odds with the feedback received from the initial focus group, in which nine out of ten participants said they would buy the product. However, Harvey has since admitted that nine out of the ten participants involved in the focus group were cats.

Mighty White has now reluctantly shelved its plans of kitten baps and goldfish eclairs.

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