Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Jedward joins the Chilean miners

Jedward: utterly pointless

Jedward has been sent deep underground.

The talentless Irish twits have travelled almost half a mile beneath the surface of the earth to deliver a singing telegram to the trapped Chilean miners. The 33 men, who face a three-month wait to be delivered to the surface after part of their mine collapsed, are said to be gobsmacked by the gesture.

Scrawny Jedward was piped down the narrow tube to sing to the fraught men, who can now add “mediocre non-pop” to the list of afflictions they must endure in their underground prison.

Logistics director Hugo Chavez said he was not sure what the Irish twosome would bring to the group, who now have to share air, food and conversation with the newcomers. "We’ve had to send down more food, nappies and suicide pills to the men because of the Jedward,” he said. “Why couldn’t they send the Chuckle Brothers?”

It is unclear who "they" actually is but reports of Simon Cowell being spotted giggling near the mine shaft have prompted speculations that the music mogul is regretting backing the pointless pair and is hoping to literally bury his mistake.

Worryingly for the duo's braindead fans, reports are coming back to the surface that thanks to the language barrier, several of the miners thought Jedward had been sent down as food.

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