Thursday, 26 August 2010

Nick Clegg books 'temp' to cover PM role

It's not every day that an employment agency receives a phone call from the deputy prime minister of Great Britain asking for a 'temp'.

Staff at Reed Employment in High Holborn were surprised yet listless when they received the booking from Parliament, but dealt with the situation quickly and professionally yesterday. Branch manager Peggy Wilcox told Gusset News: "Nick Clegg just like rang up. He asked for a temp to cover the Prime Minister for two weeks, covering paternity leave or something".

Prime Minister David Cameron went on paternity leave at short notice yesterday after the unexpected premature birth of his baby daughter, named Florence Combine-Harvester Endellion Cameron, in a hospital in Cornwall.

Nick Clegg tries to operate the laminating machine

Nick Clegg rang the temping agency after panicking that he couldn't work the franking machine and was confused by the V: Lookup function on MS excel. Mrs Wilcox said, "He sent us a job description, bless him. It had three typos and included phrases like 'must know how to cut NHS budgets and work as part of a team'".

Reed Employment have finished shortlisting CVs and plan to send in twenty one year-old Tracy Stanton, a recent geography graduate who has used four different types of switchboards and can find the 'insert a table' function on the 2007 version of MS Word.

Tracy starts work at 9am tomorrow on a competitive rate of £10.50 per hour (including holiday pay).

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