Saturday, 1 May 2010


Nick Griffin cowers as he's pelted with poo-pellets

Police were called to quell a row in London today between members of the far right BNP and Alexander from the ‘compare the meerkat’ adverts.

Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP and former cabaret singer, said, “these foreign meerkats are flocking over here and stealing jobs, houses and women from hardworking Yorkshire ferrets”.

The incensed Alexander took to the streets with his furry army and pelted faeces at BNP members. Cars were overturned, petrol bombs thrown and an effigy of Mr Griffin was burnt at the stake.

The meerkat mob targeted fancy dress shops, florists, and a Barry Manilow themed bar, all well known haunts for BNP members.

A frightened BNP member said, “it was like so scary, my partner Colin and I daren’t leave our duplex”.

An innocent racist spoke of his terror as a meerkat glassed him with his own Cinzano and lemonade, “the anger in his eyes man, it was ferral, they look so tame on the ads”.

In an exclusive e-mail The Gusset Muncher's reporter Luke Tunnelling, Alexander said, “if the BNP want a fight they will get it, we’re here to stay. Simples”.

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