Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Ebola outbreak hits Windsor Castle


Several members of the British royal family, including Her Royal Majesty the Queen, have been struck down by the flesh-eating Ebola virus.

Authorities were alerted this morning by Camilla Parker Bowles, who galloped all the way to London to raise the alarm. As well as Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles and Princess Anne are thought to be among the victims.

Windsor Castle has been quarantined by the military as health authorities desperately try to contain the outbreak. Currently, no one is going in or out of the castle and concerns are being raised about the welfare of the 84-year-old monarch, who was recently snapped with friends celebrating her birthday.

This Ebola was caught trying to escape Windsor Palace. It has been detained for questioning.

“It looks like the flesh-eating bacterial disease Ebola is ravaging the royal family,” General Major Rick Moranis said. “Apparently her Majesty the Queen has taken to her bed, half her face has been eaten away and her flesh is turning to liquid. It’s a sorry state of affairs.”

Prince Philip is believed to be still functioning. “He’s looked like an Ebola outbreak since the 70s so we can’t really tell what state he’s in,” Major Moranis said. A number of servants and castle staff have also been struck down. “But no one cares about them,” he added.

As helicopters and military vehicles descend on the once-peaceful Windsor this afternoon, authorities are wondering just what went wrong. Tropical medical experts flown in from The Congo, the birthplace of the virus, are meeting today with Parker-Bowles and a lady-in-waiting, the only two people to have left the palace.

Soldiers prepare to storm Windsor Castle.

Lady-in-waiting Pamela Ayres managed to escape the palace before it was quarantined. She is now in an isolation unit and says the horror of what she saw in the palace will stay with her forever.

“Royals and staff were stumbling around blindly, flesh disintegrating in front of my eyes. Everyone was screaming and gurgling as liquid flesh spewed out of their mouths. It was totally gross.”

Authorities believe a bonobo monkey the queen had employed to dance for her in the evenings may be the carrier of the fatal virus. According to a witness, the monkey was seen heading towards popular Windsor attraction Legoland. A team of animal catchers is trying to track the beast down.

Meanwhile, the Royal Philatelic Society is considering designing a stamp to commemorate the occasion, thought to be the most interesting thing to happen to the royal family since Squidgygate.

The public are being warned to stay inside and not approach any unfamiliar bonobos.

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