Thursday, 17 June 2010

Nation's favourite newsreader in cockfighting scandal

Police raided newsreader Sir Trevor MacDonald’s Highgate residence this morning after they were alerted to an illegal cockfighting ring in his garden.

The newsreader and OBE recipient was led out of his house shamefaced during the raid, which uncovered a large network of cages and a sophisticated cock training facility in his garden. Seventy-five angry roosters were subdued by riot police stun guns when the Metropolitan officers failed to gain control of the prize fighters. One officer was pecked to death while another lost his eye during the skirmish.

Cock shame: Sir Trevor is arrested by police.

Rumours have long circulated around the ITV offices about MacDonald’s legendary cockfighting meets, which were allegedly attended by high profile newsreaders Moira Stuart and John Humphreys. Both are being questioned at Scotland Yard.

It’s thought that MacDonald, who was once named Britain’s Most Trustworthy Newsreader, has funded his lavish lifestyle including a holiday home in Southern France, a private submarine and a sanctuary for ex Page Three girls with the proceeds of the fights.

MacDonald’s next door neighbour, who asked not to be named, said the situation had reached “breaking point”.

MacDonald could be seen every morning at sunrise training his cocks, the neighbour said. “He would stride outside bare-chested, oil himself down and make all the cocks stand in a line. Then the poor birds would do boxing drills and endurance training while MacDonald screamed and whipped them.”

The neighbour said the atrocities he had seen from his upstairs bathroom window would stay with him forever.

“Last week I saw Britain’s favourite newsreader rip the head off a rooster with his bare hands and then rip out its entrails with his teeth as a treat for the other birds. You just don’t forget something like that.”

The roosters have been given a new home in London Zoo’s children’s petting zoo enclosure.

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