Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Karate Kids prepare to clash in death bout

Former teen star and current failed adult actor Ralph Macchio has challenged the newest Karate Kid star to a fight.

Macchio, who starred in the 1984 Karate Kid film, has publicly challenged the star of the latest remake, 11-year-old Jaden Pinkett-Smith, to a fight to the death. Macchio claims he is the “only Karate Kid” and anyone else who says otherwise will face his mystical 1980s power.

“He’s going to get a crane kick right in the face!” Macchio has bragged. “He’s only short, I can take him as long as he holds still.”

Curtain time: Macchio's classic Halloween costume.

Macchio, who plans to wear his famous shower curtain from the first film to Saturday's event, has vowed that only one of the pair will leave the ring alive. He is already hinting that he may be involved in the sequel to the film, which is being released today. “There can be only one Karate Kid,” the 48-year-old repeated.

Pat Morita, who played Mr Miagi in the 1984 film, is now 120 years old but will come out of retirement to help the ageing would-be champ train for the event. Macchio, who famously painted Mr Miagi’s fences and waxed his car in the original film, is planning to prepare with a stint of spring cleaning at Morita’s retirement village. “Mr Miagi’s refrigerator could use a clean and he’s too short to fix his curtain rail. Only then will I be ready.”

Jaden Smith is at a training camp high in the Chinese mountains with his coach, Rolf Harris, and was unavailable for comment this morning.

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