Monday, 18 October 2010

Richard and Judy divorce

Britain's favourite double-act Richard and Judy are set to divorce after 24 years of marriage.

A secret source told Gusset News that Judy filed for divorce this morning after discovering a stash of dodgy photographs in Richard's sock drawer: "She had no idea what Richard was up to". The 24 photographs depicted Richard Madeley wearing his Ali G costume whilst cupping the testicles of Ross Kemp.

Madeley met the ex-Eastenders hardman when he came on the Richard and Judy show over ten years ago. The pair did not get on at first but Madeley lured him into their marital home with cheap wine and out-of-date twiglets.

Madeley denies having a bromance with the Mitchel Brother and insists that the photos have been photoshopped. His agent, Gary Midgely, said: "My client has never fondled the man-bags of any ex-Eastenders actor. This is clearly some evil hoax".

"I never cupped no nads!"
Ross Kemp refused to comment on the matter but a close friend said he was upset that he never received any twiglets.

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