Friday, 15 October 2010

Osama Bin Laden seen on Chatroulette

After the Chilean Miner rescue operation accidentally unearthed Osama Bin Laden yesterday it seems the bearded terrorist has been seeking human company yet again.

Bored teenagers Cheryl Tweedy and Dean Gaffney were surfing through social webchat site Chat Roulette last night when the FBI's most wanted terrorist popped up on their screen. "We didn't realise it was him until he told us he'd bombed the Twin Towers", said Emo-kid Cheryl. "He seemed really friendly and we got him to take his top off".


Bin Laden apparently joked about his beard length and generally seemed quite 'lonely' and 'sad'. "He said he missed playing Snakes and Ladders with his friend Saddam", said Gaffney. "LMAO".

The teenagers, both from Worthing, West Sussex, tried to ring the FBI but by then the multi-international murderer had 'skipped' to another Chat Roulette user who was most probably a man with his penis out. According to Wikipedia the odds for getting a wanker on Chat Roulette are now just 3:1 since Paul Daniels' PC broke down.

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