Friday, 22 October 2010

NASA: The Moon Really is Made of Cheese

Nasa confirmed last night that the moon is actually made from cheese.

Nasa told Gusset News that during its recent scientific mission involving throwing heavy stuff like gas ovens at the moon, produced a cloud of cheesy crumbs.

The crumbs were analysed and showed that at least 25% of the moon's service is made from parmesan and showed traces of camembert, rockfort and Babybel. Nasa scientist Jeff Bridges said that 'operation gas appliance' had revealed that the Moon is more complex than they had previously believed. "We like totally thought the moon was made up of a compound of stuff like carbon, sodium, mercury and rocks but it like totally isn't".

An exclusive Nasa photo shows rocks found on the moon

Scientists are astonished by the results and researchers at King's College London believe that the cheese has been deposited there by prankster aliens over many millions of years.

There is concern that with the onset of global warming the surface if the moon could melt. Professor Ryan Giggs at Nasa said "the earth could turn into a massive fondue set, anyone with a diary allergy should consult a doctor right away".

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