Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sir Alan Sugar's Secret Support

Sir Alan Sugar has revealed that he will wear a ladies bra for the next series of The Apprentice.

Britain's favourite entrepreneur is said to be feeling self conscious about his drooping man-bags and has opted for an underwired b-cup.

Top bra makers, Bravissimo, have created a specially designed man bra for the fluffy tycoon. Bravissimo's Managing Director, Dean Gaffney, said, "It's an unusual request but we try not to discriminate. Sir Alan has particularly large nipples so we have created a double-gusseted cup to hide all kinds of excitement".

Sir Alan was said to be 'chuffed' with his magenta multi-print moob-holder. "It's dead comfy, I forget I've got it on", said Sir Alan.

When asked whether he was concerned that his potential apprentices might laugh at his unusual undergarment choice he replied "Many respectable businessmen wear ladies underwear. Osama Bin Laden wears a strapless bra on weekdays and Duncan Bannatyne wears tights".

The next series of The Apprentice starts next Wednesday, which coincides with 'National Camisole-wearing Day'.

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