Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Somali Hostages Were Trapped in Margaret Thatcher's Hair

The nation is in shock today after the Somali pirate hostages reveal that they were in fact trapped inside Margaret Thatcher's hair all along.

Paul and Rachel Chandler revealed to Gusset News the horrors of their hostage hair hell: "We're just happy to be alive!"

 "No-one heard our cries for help..."

The couple were walking around Belgravia in 1996 when a gust of wind blew them into the iron lady's bouffant barnet, where they remained until yesterday.

Mrs Thatcher was completely unaware that the couple were trapped inside her fuzzy frizz until fourteen years later when a nurse at the private Cromwell Hospital brushed her hair: "her hairbrush got stuck in Paul Chandler's foot and he popped out", revealed the nurse. "He was skinny and bony and but so relieved to be freed".

"We just want to get back to our normal lives" revealed the Chandlers, who have missed out on many historic events including Tony Blair's war on Iraq, banker's bonuses during a recession and MP's fraudulent expenses claims.

"We are so happy to be among decent, everyday people."

Meanwhile, the Cromwell nurse has since found Lord Lucan in the Baroness's beehive and FBI officials eagerly await the possible finding of Osama Bin Laden.

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