Monday, 14 May 2012

Olympics Ban Audi Logo

The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOGOC) is taking legal action against Audi claiming its logo breaches copyright.

The official organisers of the Olympics™ have ordered that car manufacturer Audi change its logo, which features four silver rings, to something that looks significantly different. “It looks too much like ours which has five rings” said a LOCOG spokesperson, “They should change it to a rabbit or banana or something so long at it doesn’t look like ours”.
The new Audi logo

Audi have used the four-ring logo since the 1960s, however LOCOG claims “we were here first, since Ancient Greek times actually, so there”.

Lord Sebastian Coe, who invented the five-ring logo, defended the Olympics with: “the common taxpayer would probably confuse an Olympic Stadium with a German car, which could cause traffic problems”.

LOCOG is set to ban all logos featuring rings, zeros or the letter ‘o’. It has already filed a claim against Google, Mercedes, and even Childline; ordered to change its phone number because “all those zeros could be confusing”.

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